Increase Audience

Our integrated 360° campaign solution seamlessly integrates marketing elements like Emails, Promotional/ Landing Pages, Blogs, Banner Ads and Social Media to increase your audience outreach. We integrate with your Marketing Automation/ CRM systems or help you to procure or build suitable lists of your target profiles. We can broadcast campaign messages to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin from a single dashboard and link these as well as messages in Blogs, Banner Ads and Emails to effective Promotional/ Landing pages.

Improve Conversion

We deploy the right infrastructure and use compliant and conforming methods to ensure highest deliverability standards for campaign messages. We use demographic information to send customized messages. Our Promotional/ Landing pages are designed and deployed to have minimum noise and effective conversion. Campaigns built to target large value B2B transactions or targeting large audiences for B2C businesses, our systems are capable of tailoring to fit. With multivariate testing you can tune messaging and with the analytics engine get predictive analysis for high conversion rates.

Build Brand and Loyalty

We are able to design custom campaigns or customize existing templates to best reflect your brand, staying consistent with your branding elements like style guide, theme and other visuals. Provisions within the Yavun platform enable deployment of loyalty programs targeting engagement and revenue goals.Yavun maps custom fields in your database and integrates with your Marketing Automation (MA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This helps to create personalized campaigns thereby improving customer loyalty, increasing customer retention & upselling.