Yavun gives you everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional campaigns to grow your business.

Create responsive email marketing templates with exceptional deliverability

Yavun’s HTML editor allows you to customize your Email campaigns format with an easy Drag-&-Drop option, which also provides flexible layouts and generates responsive mobile friendly templates to meet the highest deliverability standards accepted by all ESPs. We deploy the right infrastructure and use compliant and conforming methods to ensure highest delivery performance for campaign messages.

Email Template

Wide selection of Design Templates

Yavun saves you time and effort by providing you customizable choices from our pre-built email template library, from diverse domains including Education, Technology, Health Care, Real Estate, Hospitality, Distribution, Retail & others. You can also create completely custom templates of your own.

Template Library

Advanced customised reporting

Yavun’s intelligent reporting takes the learning from test results and previous campaigns to help create more effective and successful future campaigns. You get consolidated as well as individual user level reporting from each element/ channel and can identify attributes of contacts including location, browser, device among others. Actionable insights help you to improve your strategy and provide a higher return for your efforts and investment.


Multivariate- A/B testing

Optimize and Create a better version of your campaign with Yavun’s Multivariate testing. Multivariate testing allows you to test the performance and effectiveness of your email campaign, by modifying variables such as Salutation, delivery time, subject line and content.

AB Testing

Contact management

Yavun’s Contact Management feature allows you to create a single master list and segment the contacts based on different attributes. Save your segments for future emails. Yavun works well even for larger lists. You can upload the contacts from a spreadsheet and then map the fields to your database. For added convenience, you can modify field names in Yavun to those in your database.

Contact Management

Role management

Yavun gives role-based access to users and user-groups for different campaign elements and assets. User groups can be created based on roles, titles and business divisions of employees/ contractors in an organization.

Role Management